How to Make a Repeat Pattern with Illustrator's Pattern Tool

Somehow I completely forgot about Illustrator's built-in pattern tool and just rediscovered it for some simple repeats I've been making. This tool keeps equal spacing between motifs and I've found it to work best for fairly simple patterns and geometrics. It's fun to use because it seriously provides instant gratification. As in, you have a motif or element (such as the flower seen in my image below), and five seconds later you can have a pattern from that motif. If you haven't tried it, I think you'll love it.

How to make a simple repeating pattern using Adobe Illustrator's pattern tool  | Tutorial by Delighted Creative Co.

I created a quick 4-minute tutorial video to show you how to use the tool. I hope it's helpful and feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.

Have fun making patterns!

Free Download: February Tech Wallpapers

My rosebud pattern is making it's debut in this month's freebie. And while I realize roses are a bit cliche for Valentine's month, I'm partial to sweet floral styles and the pattern does fit the season—so I went with it. There are two options for you to choose from for your iPhone and desktop computer. Have a wonderful February!

Free Tech Wallpaper for Valentines Month by Amanda Gomes • Delighted Creative Co.

Free Download: 2017 Printable Calendar

This year's printable calendar style is a little different than in the past because it's created from my floral painting sketches and lettering. I had fun putting it together for you and I hope it makes you smile throughout the year. Download below and enjoy!

Free 2017 Calendar with Watercolor Florals. Download, print and enjoy! Via Delighted Creative Co  •
Printable 2017 Calendar • free download at

Free Download: Christmas Gift Tags

Here it is, the last day of November...crazy (as I say every year). If you're like me, you took advantage of Black Friday, Shop Small Saturday, and Cyber Monday sales and your orders are starting to arrive at your doorstep.

The wrapping party now begins. This year's gift tags are a combo of my lettering and watercolor swashes made into a pattern. Different sizes and shapes make them pretty fun and versatile and I hope you get good use from them.

Free holiday Christmas gift tag download ||

Simple directions:
•  Print on card stock
•  Cut with a scissor
•  Hole punch and put a ribbon through, or use washi tape instead (either would be cute)

Download free holiday Christmas gift tags ||

Download below and if you post photos, I'd love to see them. Tag #delightedholiday and @delightedco. Yay! Have fun!

PS - if you prefer a black/gray/white look, print these in grayscale instead of in color.

How to Draw a Wreath

Wreaths! I am so glad I came across Surely Simple's Instagram account the other day because it inspired me to turn the floral motifs I sketch into wreaths. Pen and ink wreaths. It's an addicting activity and believe me when I say they look more intricate and difficult to draw than they actually are. The process is a lot of fun and I'm going to show you how to make one because I think you'll enjoy it!

How to draw a floral wreath...super easy and fun! Via

What you'll need:
• Paper
• Pen (I use micron pens but any will do)
• Pencil
• Something round for tracing

Start by sketching a few leaves and flowers which will give you something to reference as you create your wreath. I like to have motifs readily available to pull from so I don't have to overthink (which I'm prone to do). It also helps me move a little faster because I don't need to stop every few leaves to figure out what other elements I should add.

Learn to draw a floral wreath...super easy and fun! Via

Next, use a pencil to trace a round item such as a mug, jar, or whatever you have on hand.

Now use your pen and start drawing!

Start slowly and draw each motif, one by one. Try not to overthink (like I did my first few times) and instead, use your reference page to pull items and go around the ring. You can always fill in blank areas with dots or small leaves or florals after you fill the wreath once. If you're like me, you'll analyze your wreath like crazy so go ahead and take the time to learn from your first couple attempts and you'll keep getting better...I'm sure of it! Consider the following:

Spacing - Is there an area of the wreath where you have a bunch of motifs tight and squished together and other areas that are more sparse? Consider working on the spacing of your elements.

Balance - Mix the bold elements with the more delicate elements and consider the size of each motif. If some are extra large and others are small, make sure the large elements are dispersed around the wreath so it doesn't feel extra "heavy" in one area, making it seem off-balanced.

Visual Interest - do you have too many of the same elements in one section of the wreath? Is there variation between your motifs? Sometimes using all the same elements looks amazing and is just what you're going for, but make sure it looks intentional and that you try a mixture of shapes and angles around the wreath to keep the eye from settling on one overwhelming area.

How to draw a floral wreath...super easy and fun! Via

Have fun and let me know if you have any questions!

A 45-second video of me drawing a floral wreath
Surely Simple's Instagram

Free Download: November Tech Wallpaper Calendar

Happy Friday! In preparation for next week, I have a November tech calendar for you. Available for your computer, iPad or iPhone. I sketched the flowers and used purchased fonts for the design.

Free Download: November Calendar for your tech • iPad, iPhone, and computer • Delighted Creative Co

What I'm Learning: Watercolor Textures

One of my favorite watercolor teachers so far is Ana Victoria Calderon who I discovered through Skillshare. The funny thing is, I didn't really connect with her style when I was first looking to learn watercolor months ago so I initially passed up her class. But here I am, a couple months later, absolutely loving all that I am learning from her and finding myself appreciating her beautiful work and style which is much more broad and amazing than I first realized. 

Learning to Create Watercolor Textures • These can be incorporated into future artwork and creating them in advance provides a great reference. Via Delighted Creative Co •

She teaches how to create watercolor textures which can be used as a reference and inspiration later. It's almost like creating patterns but these textures are things to incorporate into the final class project which is painting an animal. 

Ana has the class make nine watercolor rectangles on a page (you can do circles or whatever shape you prefer) and then create a different design on each. I copied her designs for my first attempt (below) because this whole idea is foreign to me, but once I did a page like hers, I spent the next evening creating another page of my own designs (see above in the title image). It is so much fun. 

Learning to Create Watercolor Textures • These can be incorporated into future artwork and creating them in advance provides a great reference. Via Delighted Creative Co •
Learning to Create Watercolor Textures • These can be incorporated into future artwork and creating them in advance provides a great reference. Via Delighted Creative Co •

Now I need to move on to my class project and incorporate some of these elements into the animal I choose...which is another challenge for me but I'll give it a try :)

Ana's Skillshare Class